How Faceittea saw a 50% decrease in questions around ingredients to customer service
FaceitTea offers face masks and cleansing pads made with the oldest herbs known to the mankind: Tea. Tea's healing properties have been the most treasured knowledge across the world. You’ll also find ingredients like lavender, aloe vera, chamomile and coconut.
With around 600 emails each month, around 20 each day about various ingredients effect and theirs benefits to the skin, Skinfo has proven to help the customers to understand and become informed which has had an positiv effect on number of emails each day regarding ingredients.
"There has been a 50% decrease in questions about ingredients. Using Skinfo's widget we have been able to provide more information and insights about the ingredients we use in our products."
founder Faceittea
Michael Adjovi
As shoppers now cand find answers to their ingredient questions in the widget, this has resultet in a decrease of customer support question regarding ingredients with 50% and improved the conversations since the understanding of their ingredients has been improved.
50% decrease
"We are really happy out this result, knowing Skinfo is helping both shoppers and customer service with better ingredient information."
CEO, Skinfo
Lena Skiba