- How many ingredients do you have information about?
Skinfo has information on all ingredients according to INCI, which includes over 30,000.
- Where does your information come from?
Skinfo's information is objective and based on data from authorities, regulations, published science and research. Contact us for a current and updated list of sources.
- How much does the service cost?
Skinfo offers a fixed monthly fee to both small and large companies. Contact lena@skinfo.se to get price information.
- Which product categories can you enrich?
Skinfo's information applies to all products that have an ingredient list according to INCI and where the product is intended for external use (eg skin care, cosmetics, hair care). Medicines, prescriptions or products taken orally are not included.

- How often do you update your data? Ingredient formulation can often change in products.
The information from Skinfo is automatically adapted without delay if a new ingredient should be changed / added / deleted from the digital ingredient list on your product page.
- How accurate is the information?
All data is referenced to its original source. Skinfo's team also includes a toxicologist/researcher who helps to ensure that the information and sources are correct.
- What happens if an ingredient is misspelled in our original ingredient list?
Skinfo corrects and cleans up any spelling, formatting errors or typos that may appear in submitted ingredient lists through our correction algorithm.

- How does the technical implementation take place?
Skinfo's service is done through a simple API integration. You call Skinfo's API with an ingredient list. Our API responds with a widget (html code). Contact us if you need help with integration or if your e-commerce platform does not support external API integration.
- Where can I find your technical documentation?
You are welcome to contact viktor@skinfo.se for further information.
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