Terms of Use
About the information in the app
Skinfo is an application that retrieves relevant information from e.g. The EU's official database for cosmetic ingredients, the European Chemicals Agency and other organizations where chemists, researchers and business experts have provided relevant information on substances in cosmetics and skin care products and which may pose a risk to health indirectly or directly.

Please note that information may change over time as new information on substances may be available and the content of products may also be changed by manufacturers. Therefore, always check that ingredients listed in the app match the physical product's ingredient label.

Skinfo does not have access to specific concentrations of the ingredients listed on products. The app's data is general and based on the knowledge available to us regarding ingredients. We assume that companies follow the current EU and industry guidelines that are required to distribute their products. We are constantly working to improve information and welcome companies to provide feedback.

Some assumptions in the product ingredient list have been made on special occasions where unclear/missing information or misspellings have occurred in the product ingredient list. Initial descriptions from sources have been simplified to provide information in an easily understandable format.

The content of this app is not to be considered as personal advice. Always seek professional help for consultation related to your skin and health. Skinfo AB takes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise from actions or actions taken based on the content of the app.

The available version of the app should be considered a test version. Some deviations may therefore occur.
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Privacy Policy
Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate that you trust us with your information and intend to maintain that trust. This starts with making sure you understand the information we collect, why we collect it, how it is used and your choices regarding your information. Data collected about/from you as a user is explained below.

What information do we collect about you as a user and why?

1. To be able to analyse, develop and improve our application, service, products and systems for both customers and users.

What data is collected: Gender. If there are children in the household. Skin type. Interest in skincare brand categories. General interest in using the app. Personalized features such as saved products. Voluntary feedback regarding the app. User-generated data (e.g., click history, visitor history). The app may collect technical information regarding devices used and its settings (such as language setting, IP address, time zone, operating system, screen resolution and platform). Information about how you used the application, where and how long different pages were visited, response times, download errors, how to reach and leave the application, etc.)

How we use the information: The information collected is used to customize features and improve the user-friendliness of the app (such as changing the user interface to simplify the flow of information or to highlight features commonly used by customers and users). The information can be used to improve functions and tools. The information can be used to develop, broaden, and change product categories and product data to make the service more relevant to users and customers. The information can be used for the purpose of prioritizing and planning the supply of e.g. brands, products, categories, e-retailers in the application. The information can be used to give our users and customers the opportunity to influence the appearance and content of our services. Based on the information we collect (e.g. click, gender, skin type, interest, feedback) you can be sorted into a user group where analyses are then done without any connection to you as an individual. The insights from the analysis may be used to further develop the application's future updates.

2. To be able to handle mail and service-related matters.

What information is collected:Name or company name. Contact information provided voluntarily (e.g address, email, or telephone number). Your correspondence. Information about the time of the event, possibly a fault / complaint. Technical information about your equipment. User information for members. Skinfo does not collect or request information that can be identified to you as a natural person (e.g name, address, email, or social security number) within the application.

How we use the information: Communication and answering any questions via email or in digital channels, including social media. Mailings where emails have been voluntarily submitted to receive updates on launches. Investigation of any errors or complaints. The treatment is necessary to meet our and your legitimate interest in handling service matters.

How your collected information is protected: We use IT systems to protect the confidentiality and access to personal data. Only those people who need to process your personal information for us to fulfill our purposes stated above have access to them.

Deleting your data: You can delete all data that is identifiable to you at any time (such as written correspondence via email). Contact us via info@skinfo.se

Responsible party for personal data is collected Skinfo AB Västmannagatan 79A 113 26 Stockholm Sverige

Org nr: 559220-5461

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